The 3 S’s to Beautiful Skin

Sun Care-We know that the sun creates our Vitamin D,  a vital vitamin we need, but you should always stay protected because the sun ages us more than anything else! As we age, it becomes harder and harder to repair our sun damage. In our youth, we do not think about brown spots because they […]

The Language of Flowers

So, there are many ways to approach Valentine’s Day. One that we see most often is with flowers. So, before you go out there and spend double the price on those signature red roses, here are some other lovely options to consider. Tulips are a declaration of love and can symbolize a perfect love like you […]

Extreme Skincare

While there are plenty of crazy beauty trends around the world, we found one that was particularly intense. The “flame facial”, shown here has been found in China. The process includes a towel being placed on top of the skin that has been soaked in an elixir (the only ingredient we know is alcohol).  The […]