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30 Something Skincare

If you use makeup wipes to wash your face regularly, it is time for a change. While there is nothing wrong with the occasional use of facial wipes, they should not be used as your primary cleanser because they cannot penetrate deeply into your pores.  A good cleanser like our Purifying Cleansing Mousse can clean deep into pores versus working on the surface alone.

Exfoliating should become a crucial part of your skincare.  Your skin will become dull and in your 30’s your metabolism starts slowing down product of collagen. If you have oily, acne-prone skin, try our Dual Action B.P. Scrub. By using 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide, it will reduce acne whether it is because of oily skin or hormonal changes. For most other skin types, our Exfoliating Cleanser containing safflower oil and Omega-6, is an excellent choice.

Never give up on your sunscreen because the sun will never stop being rough on your skin. In your 30’s you will most likely see the first signs of sun damage, which include uneven skin tone and the appearance of red & brown spots. While 30 should be your minimum SPF, you can also upgrade to SPF 50 and add a bit of tinting with our Anti-Photoaging Green Tea Fortified Sun Screen.  The Green Tea helps counteract the effects of sun damaging UV rays, and the added antioxidant is a great way to help your skin get all the protection it needs.

Pampering yourself with a face mask for 20 minutes once every other week can give your skin a nice boost!

Clay Mask

If you are looking to pump up the hydration in your skin, try our organic B5 Boosting Mask. It contains some of the best moisturizing ingredients including hyaluronic acid.

If you’re worried about keeping your acne in check, try our Therapeutic Acne Mask.

Do you want all the Antioxidants you can get to keep your skin looking young? Our Bio-Repair Mask with blueberries was meant for you!

Our last bit of skin advice is, if you have not yet done so, make it a point to have a skin consultation with a professional.  If there is anything you are concerned about, do not put it off!