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For most women who will now reach menopause somewhere in their 50’s, this will signify big changes in your bodies.  Collagen is no longer a natural resource, and everyone will need good anti-aging products to help your skin look its best. If you feel like your products are currently not working, and you need some help, schedule a consultation at Skin MD and Beyond to find which products will work best for you.


With aging, skin cell turn-over will slow down, so it is important to have an exfoliator in your cleanser which is not too abrasive to the skin. For an exfoliative anti-aging option, consider my ANTIOXIDANT EXFOLIATING CLEANSER, which is a fresh aromatic foaming wash cleanser, infused with the rich antioxidants of Pomegranate and Acai Berry, to address the signs of aging.  Additionally, the natural exfoliant of volcanic lava is gentle enough for sensitive skin and will leave your skin feeling soft and silky.


The next step in keeping your skin youthful is HYDRATION, to help avoid as many wrinkles as possible! Dr. Wright’s PURE HYDRATING SERUM in its purest form, offers the unique properties of Hyaluronic Acid to make this the ideal treatment for increased skin smoothness, softness and decreased wrinkles. With concentration greater than 60%, with the most effective humectant available for deep hydration, you will reduce the aging effects of dehydration of damaged cells. Plumps up your skin and create a smoother, softer texture.


Wrinkles are more likely to form when your skin is damaged, so Dr. Wright offers two great choices which will work well with your skin type. If you are troubled with oily skin, try our RÉPARATIF OIL-FREE LOTION.  If you have extremely dry skin, then our RÉPARATIF BIO-CREAM is a great solution! Both are formulated by Dr. Wright with the best anti-aging ingredients including collagen-building Peptides and Stem Cells to regenerate damaged tissues.

For those women who feel that they have gone past the point of products and have noticed sagging skin and loss of volume in their face, consider FACIAL FILLERS with a doctor you can trust.


Dr. Fiona Wright has been successfully helping women look their best for many years! All of her patients state that, “they look younger and more refreshed,” and no-one is able to tell what they have had done.  Dr. Wright will subtly work her art to make you look great, beautiful and rested. Call today to set up an appointment!