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A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish, so let’s work together to make healthier skin a reality in 2016!

Here are 5 things that will get your plan moving forward.

1.EXFOLIATE REGULARLY. Exfoliation helps remove all the dead skin cells and debris still attached to your skin that makes your complexion look more aged. Exfoliating also reduces acne and black heads, most commonly around the nose and mouth area, by getting rid of excess dirt and helps clear your pores. It also allows better penetration of tour daily skincare products.

AntiOxidant Exfoliating Cleanser

Exfoliating Cleanser

Microdermabrasion MicroPolish

2. KEEP YOUR SKIN HYDRATED. Hyaluronan is a natural hydrating substance found in our bodies to help retain our skin’s moisture.  As we get older we begin to lose our natural hyaluronan, so it is important to make sure that one of your skincare products has this hydrating ingredient. If not, you might want to look for a new one! Natural products work best in boosting the efficiently and results your looking for.

Pure Hydrating Serum

Rehydration Complex with Vitamin C

 3.PUT HEALTHY OILS IN YOUR DIET. Many things can be checked off the good health list with Omega Fish Oils: Great hair, Living longer, Happier outlook, and decrease of cell decay which means less dead cells on your skin making you look old! These are only a few of the benefits found in Omega Fish Oils. If you cannot get two servings of fish in your diet regularly then taking the equivalent in omega-3 oils is your best bet to take advantage of what you can!

4.TAKE A DAILY CoQ10 SUPPLEMENT. This amazing supplement is one of the best antioxidants to destroy free radicals. As we get older, our natural production of a CoQ10 equivalent diminishes, causing free radicals to go unchecked. Free radicals in our body cause a chain reaction to damage cells and are believed to accelerate the progression of cancer, cardiovascular disease and age-related diseases. Another great benefit of this supplement is the amount of natural energy it can bring back to our lives! – just because we get older does not mean we have to lose energy! Depending on your age the dosage of how much CoQ10 you should take varies. For people under 60, I recommend 50-100 mg daily. If you’re over 60 or on a statin drug, I recommend taking 100-200 mg daily—and you can increase that to 300 mg daily if you want even greater heart support.

5.USE SUNSCREEN DAILY. While many creams you put on in the morning help protect your skin from daily radicals, and nights creams can restore and heal your skin while you rest – nothing is as important as a daily dose of SPF! The sun’s ultraviolet(UV) radiation is the prime culprit in about 90 percent of all cases of skin cancer. Even casual exposure to UV sunlight can result in harm to our skin cells, creating wrinkles, sagging, sunspots and cancer. These invisible rays, known as ultraviolet A (UVA) and  B (UVB), cause most of the problems and a “Broad Spectrum” sunscreen will provide you with the most sun protection.