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Mask Mayhem

Over the past few years, the black charcoal mask has risen in popularity. This craze has spawned hundreds of DIY recipes and are both sold with ingredients that amount to black glue! On YouTube this mask has become a “torture challenge”, causing many to lose eyebrows, tears, skin, and can create horrified faces while struggling […]

Stop Aging by Using Zinc!

We all know aging is just a fact a life, but there are some things you can do to slow the process down. Birthdays age us, obviously, but did you know so does the sun? The UVA/UVB rays cause our collagen to break down faster than it normally would. And don’t think those clouds are […]

Keep your Body Unyielding!

Iron is responsible for carrying oxygen in the red blood cells throughout your body. The oxygen combines with other things the body needs to make energy and helps the cells do all their different jobs. A large number of Americans have low iron which is commonly referred to as Anemia. The most common signs of Anemia are […]