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Celebrate Memorial Day with Xigua!

Xigua (pronounced “she gwah”) is a very common food that is loved by most Americans – but we know it well by another name. The name Xigua is the Chinese for what we know in America as the Watermelon, and it is commonly found in Africa. This melon can be considered both a fruit and […]

5 Minutes for Yourself

Meditation is something everyone should do for themselves. Many people including myself, have thought, “I don’t have time for meditation” but this is untrue. We may not have an hour a day to spare and that’s understandable because we are busy people! But taking a few minutes for meditation is taking a few minutes for […]

To Tone or not to Tone

This seems to be an often asked question and the answer is dependent on each individual’s specific skin needs. Understanding the different types of toning products available today and their effects on the skin can help you to determine whether a toner is a necessary step in your skin regime. Toners are used to enhance […]