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Beat Belly Bloat

We have all had the problem of feeling bloated! Even though  we do not necessarily go up in weight the expanding of our stomachs can be a painful and frustrating issue. Here are some helpful tips to help us tackle the belly bloat together!

Drink 8 Glasses of Water Daily. This is a fairly commonly known solution to a lot of issues. Increasing our water intake can make digestion improve and work at a faster pace.

Do Not use Straws or Chew Gum.  These two habits are an easy identifiable cause of bloating as you will  swallow more air which gets into our digestive track causing pain and extra gas.

Use Less Salt.  Removing extra salt in your food can greatly improve the amount of bloating that happens in your body as too much sodium will cause a buildup of fluid retention. In order to help balance out the needed sodium for our bodies, it is important to regulate it by eating foods which have potassium. Some great choices for potassium-rich foods include mangoes, bananas, spinach and tomatoes.

Check the Ingredients of your Vitamins. If they have longer named ingredients that do not look like something recognizable are most likely are fillers which are either lactose or wheat products. Many people have food intolerances to lactose, wheat, and gluten and can cause significant bloating.

Massage your Tummy.  Starting from the bottom right hip bone going up towards your ribs, across to your left side and down again in a few circles following your digestive track. This can help get rid of air, help with digestion and pain relief.