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Benefits of Arnica

If you’ve ever had a bruise before, you may have heard about Arnica. It’s made from the flowerheads of the Arnica Montana plant, and is available in any health food store.   Arnica flowers have been used for medicinal purposes since the 1500s and it is still popular today to help reduce stiffness and pain, and to help heal bruises quicker!

After any cosmetic injections it is a great idea to use ARNICA RECOVERY CREAM. It can reduce your social downtime if you bruise! Formulated with all natural ingredients including Arnica Montana, vitamin K, vitamin C and soothing botanicals, it is a patient favorite!  With a silicone base, it creates a nice elegant, silky feel and it will soften out, calm down, moisturize and restore bruised skin back to normal healthy-looking skin.

With such great benefits of Arnica, we have it in our INTENSIVE EYE TREATMENT!

Our Intensive Eye Treatment is a rich, deep penetrating moisturizing lotion, with youth restoring DMAE, Argireline and Alpha Lipoic Acid to effectively diminish the appearance and severity of deep wrinkles and lines while tightening and toning the skin within the eye area.  With the powerful skin lightening properties of Arnica and Shiitake, combined with their cell regeneration potential, this lotion provides excellent anti-aging benefits!

Intensive Eye Treatment