Beauty Buzz

Bling Tints and Berry Shades

The flicker of light shimmering off sequins will always be a classic for the holidays! Whether you have a sequin shirt, dress, skirt or leggings -pick one and make it your statement piece for the event. Don’t feel that you have to choose black to pair with the bling of sequin as any solid and/or sheer color works well. To compliment and further glam your outfit, if you decide on a Sequin dress, add a solid blazer and shear tights and voila – you are the ready to walk the runway! If you feel extra daring – pick Sequin leggings because you can! – and match it with a solid shirt with sheer sleeves. Understanding this simple combination can get you fashion forward in many different looks for this holiday season.  Once you have the clothes – remember that makeup and nail polish are the jewels to the clothing! Darker lipsticks in the berry variety are best for this time of year and nail polish can follow the rules of either berry shades or bright sparkly colors. Enjoy the Season and make your own Sparkle!