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Busting or Brushing your Face!

The Clarisonic brand has gone through many product changes from the time they introduced their first skin care brushes in 2000.  Since then, the Clarisonic Brush has continued to improve in functionality and adapt to our skin care needs.

There are some claims that the Clarisonic Brush may be harming, not helping our skin. The thought is that after using a Clarisonic Bush, your skin will break out more and not improve over time. There are two reasons for this to happen. The first is the lack of understanding of how to use and care for your Clarisonic brush; the second reason could be tied to your skin type.

clean underneath

Cleaning your Clarisonic Brush is very important.  You should wash the brush in warm, soapy water. Take the brush head off and clean underneath with soapy water, as well. Making sure your Clarisonic brush is clean can make all the difference! Also, if you are using your Clarisonic device regularly, remember to replace each brush head every 3 months because the bristles will wear out. To use the Clarisonic brush most effectively, you should put an amount of the cleanser at least the size of a quarter onto the center of the brush.

clean brissles

It is important not to share your brush heads, as everyone has different skin types and different brushes needs.

The Sensitive Brush Head can work well for most skin types.

The Radiance Cleansing Brush Head cleans deeper with more exfoliation.

The Delicate Face Brush head is best for sensitive or dry skin.

There is even a brush head designed for the men’s beard area to keep that skin in tip-top shape!

dry skin

If you are frustrated by doing all the right things to take care of your brush and find that you are still having breakouts, you probably have dry skin. When you have dry skin and use a Clarisonic brush twice daily, it can reduce your skin’s moisture barrier. When your skin barrier is disrupted, you lose water in your skin which can cause the outbreaks of acne.  The solution is to simply use the Clarisonic brush only once a day on the lowest setting. This brush can still be a powerful tool to improve your skin when used correctly.  Stop by Skin MD and Beyond and try one today!