Dr’s Corner

Keep the Children Growing Strong!

Folic Acid is instrumental to young children because their bodies are focusing on creating new red blood cells and creating new DNA. On average, while most people get enough Folic Acid in a typical balanced diet, having a Folic Acid deficiency will show similar signs to anemia and also, symptoms include diarrhea, weight loss, and […]

The Complexion Devil

If you are suffering from severe acne and have tried multiple skincare treatments with no real improvement, here is some important advice for you! First, look at your dietary habits. Dairy Products such as milk, cheese, butter, or ice cream, all aggravate acne! Primarily the purpose of cow’s milk is to give a calf the […]

The Bare Bone Truth about Calcium

Did you know that you have more Calcium in your body than any other mineral? 99% of it is held in the bones and teeth while the rest helps your body’s muscles and blood vessels to pump correctly. The main signs of Calcium Deficiency include tingling, numbness, muscle tremors, and difficulty losing weight. What is […]