Raves & Faves

Gardenia is for the Young and the Young at Heart

Gardenia Floral perfumes can invoke a sweet sense of summer nostalgia, and when it comes to such fragrances, the Gardenia is sure to remind you of summers past. Some sadly have regarded this aroma as an “Old Lady” fragrance, when in fact, the Gardenia should be labeled as a classic, and classics never go out […]


  Kate Hudson’s Workout brand has both good and bad press the last few years between the fun and flattering workout gear, to the not so fun surprise of monthly subscription payments.  While they have made the VIP monthly membership billing cycle dates apparent, it is recommended that you watch your credit statements.  More recently, […]

Bobs & Braids

The bob is a classic hairstyle rocked by many famous ladies throughout history. Women of all hair types can pull off different variations. The Wob (wavy bob), Lob (long bob) and finally the Asymmetric Bob are top pics this year. The Wavy bob being a favorite since 2015 has cemented its place as a top […]