Skin Saavy

Fall Swap

Since we are heading towards the fall, it is important to keep in mind the changes that affect our skin and in turn how we should respond. Consider changing your cleanser and moisturizer. When the temperatures begin to get cooler, your body makes fewer oils so you should look for a non-drying and light cleanser […]

Mask Mayhem

Over the past few years, the black charcoal mask has risen in popularity. This craze has spawned hundreds of DIY recipes and are both sold with ingredients that amount to black glue! On YouTube this mask has become a “torture challenge”, causing many to lose eyebrows, tears, skin, and can create horrified faces while struggling […]

Keep Calm!

Dr. Fiona Wright has a line of Specialty Products that pay attention to particular skin issues. Today we will talk about the best thing to use for aggravated or inflamed skin, Aloe Cortisone Cream. Aloe Cortisone Cream is especially popular after laser and micro needling treatments; it immediately calms irritation, redness, and dryness helping improve […]