Skin Saavy


Co-Q10 is one of Dr. Wright’s favorite ingredients to use in her skincare line! Why? Because, Co-Q10 (short for Coenzyme Q10) has the ability to protect us from cell damage that has been caused by environmental stressors and aging. Co-q10 is naturally produced in our bodies, but as we get older we produce less, and less, and we stop producing it between the range of mid 20’s to 30’s.

This means our skin becomes less protected when we need it the most! It is best to start using products with Co-q10 in our early 30’s to help with the natural decrease in the body. Ready to make Co-Q10 your favorite ingredient?  Here are some of our products that contain Co-Q10.

Eye Quench Serum          Advanced Renewal  Serum

Replenishing Moana Moisturizer             Replenish & Rebuilding Moisturizer

Age Defying Moisturizer              Oil-Free Refining Lotion 15% Glycolic