Make Up


Concealer can be your best friend or worst enemy if used improperly.  Here are some tips to keep you on the right side of concealer magic.

Understand what colors are right for what coverage issues. Peach shades get rid of bruising or blue circles, Yellow shades manage uneven tones in skin, and finally green makes red blemishes virtually invisible. Peach concealer colors like N4, N3 and C3 found in Dr. Wright’s Previa Concealer Sticks are the best solution to brighten the area without having neon signs appear under your eyes.

Under Eye Concealer should not cover the entire width of your eye. Looking in a mirror pull your chin closer to your chest, then apply concealer where the shadows fall under your eyes. Using this method, the shape under your eye would be a triangle, with two corners lining up close to each corner of your eye and the last corner should be down towards your cheek, giving an illusion that your face is lifted.

Pimple Problems should never be covered with a lighter skin tone concealer. Green concealer followed by a concealer that matches your skin tone, is the best way to dim the red spots that attract unwanted attention.

Use Concealer after applying foundation. If you use foundation, concealer works best if it is applied on top. When placed on second, you can blend it to your foundation and address the issues much easier. Done in the opposite manner, you will shift the strategic placement of your concealer as you rub on your foundation.