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Did you Latisse your Eyebrows??

Latisse isn’t just for eyelashes anymore! Just like eyelashes, eyebrows can unfortunately grow to be thin and sparse as you age. And now, Latisse which has been FDA approved to be used for eyelash growth since 2008, has created a new niche, so you don’t have to draw on your brows!

Allergan, creator of Latisse, stumbled upon the discovery of eyelash growth after their eye drops for glaucoma treatment, containing bimatoprost, made their patients grow longer, thicker lashes as a side effect. What a great accident for us who have short, thin eyelashes! Latisse increases the growth phase of your lashes life cycle, and the same principle can be applied to eyebrow hairs as well.

Although Latisse is FDA approved for eyelash growth, anytime a physician prescribes a medication outside of its intended use, it’s called an ‘off label’ use. With this in mind, I have recommended Latisse for eyebrow growth for my patients and they have seen great results!

Keep in mind that when using Latisse, it may take up to a month to see results. Also, frequent use of Latisse is recommended to maintain hair thickness and length. Once you stop using it for a while, the hair eventually goes back to its original state.