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Does Your Hair Hurt??

Have you ever suffered from scalp pain? … or does it feel like your hair hurts??

The truth is, that follicles on the scalp are connected to nerve endings which can become sensitive. But, this sensitivity can be a warning sign for bigger problems if the issue is not addressed!  Here are the 3 main reasons why your hair might be hurting and what can happen if it is not dealt with.

  • Most of us think that scalp irritation is linked to dirty hair, but the truth is, that the problem is usually caused by stripping too much oil from your hair. Dirty hair is a problem but washing hair too often can dry out the skin on the scalp, causing it to become flaky leading to inflammation… and tenderness. If you need to wash your hair daily, it is best to use a shampoo that is gentle, which will keep your skin barrier on your scalp protected.


  • The tenderness of your scalp can also be caused by the overuse of hair products. Hair sprays, gels, and mousses can clog the follicles and can create build-up and inflammation. The leading culprit?…. Dry shampoos! As we have discussed in our blog, Reliving a Powdered Past, overuse of dry shampoo can cause thinning and even balding! So, use hair sculpting products lightly to keep your scalp healthy.

  • The #1 most documented cause of hair pain is the way we style our hair, and how often we do it! The bottom line is that hairstyles which are tight can lead to pain, and this will damage our hair follicles. Pulling hair into tight hairstyles too often will cause receding hairlines and increase hair loss. Ariana Grande is the perfect example of this, while she rocks her signature tight high ponytail beautifully. Let’s hope she will switch it up for something less straining on her scalp!

loose hair styles


If you often wear a tight ponytail, try a messy loose ponytail or let your hair down. Braids are also one of the top styles responsible for this type of tension; try loose braids as an alternative.