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Leg Season

Woman With Nutcracker

As the weather gets warmer we pull out our shorts and skirts. To Help “Kick Off” the Season, here are our 3 Staple Workout Moves to help us keep are legs and glutes in shape so we can strut our stuff with no regrets!


Yoga can be a great way to ease into a workout; with the Warrior III pose, we work our legs and our core muscles. Channel your inner strength and balance as you stand with feet together and slowly lift the left leg pointing your toe. Concentrating on your core,  balance on your right leg. Continue to lift your leg higher slowly, and let the upper body begin to move forward. Always picture your body as a straight line from the tips of your fingers above your head, to the toe that is pointed and raised in the air staying as aligned as you can be. Do not let your balancing knee lock and breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth for 5 breaths before switching legs and repeating on the other side.


Standing with feet together this time keeping your hands on the hips, start with the right leg stepping forward to begin your Clock Lunges. Lung forward and hold for two breath cycles. Using just your right leg for movement with your torso facing forward step out to the right and lunge for two breathes before bringing your right foot back to your left standing straight once again. Finally step back with your right foot lunging for the last two breaths. Repeat this movement once more on the right side before switching to the left leg, doing a total of 6 lunges on each leg as a set.


For our final staple, the Hip Raise, you need to lie on your back, keeping the knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Elevate the hips while squeezing the glutes putting all the weight on the heels of your feet.  Use your body to once again create a straight line, this time from the shoulders to the knees. Hold this position for a moment before slowly lowering the hips back to the ground. This is one rep, do a minimum of 15 reps for the workout.


Keep these 3 staples in your workout twice a week, and Leg Season will simply be a Breeze!