Skin Saavy

Dry, Cracked, Chapped Hands? Are your Hands Ageing You?

When the weather becomes colder, dryer and all around a wintery mix our skin suffers from water loss, resulting in dry cracked skin which can lead to painful inflammation.  In the winter, our hands are really at risk from exposure to a lot of environmental stressors, but fret not…. Because hands down (pun intended) we have the lotion to leave your hands soft, smooth and silky!


Fiona WRxIGHT MD Skincare offers an incredible skin care hand cream, LUXURY HAND CREAM, which contains high performance hydrators that restore the natural moisture barrier for lasting comfort.  This Winter you can protect and replenish essential moisture with this rich treatment, improving the feel and health of dehydrated, stressed skin. Specially formulated, this hand cream forms a barrier to protect against moisture loss and the harsh elements as well as heavy work or neglect.


Watch as your hands instantly transform from your Grandmothers’ to a youthful plumped soothed (and protected) version of your younger self! Even after you wash there’s a softer protected feel helping you to never have painful cracked hands again. If your hands are dry, irritated or just need some care, try this out!