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Eating Tips for the Holidays

Struggles with over eating are a constant battle that intensifies with the Holiday Season. Keeping in mind just a few things can help us beat the calorie bulge and extra work it can cause later. Practicing these three things not only for holidays, but for any day, can help us get rid of guilt from over eating and wanting more!! Are you ready? Because I am!

One – The first thing to do is to make sure you sleep long and well. Many studies have found that having a good night sleep makes your cravings less and the intake of calories the following day decrease. This is probably because if you do not sleep well, your body looks for other ways to create more energy.

Two – Switch the size of your serving plate! For some reason plate sizes have increased over the last few decades just as our portions have, choosing a salad plate as you go down the buffet line makes your portion sizes go down and psychologically you’re happy because your plate is full.

Three – How you chew your food makes all the difference.  You have probably heard counting to a certain number of chews before swallowing, or chewing slowly will help you eat less – and they are right! These techniques give your mind time to catch up with your fork that keeps shoveling in the food. It allows the time to help you realize that you are full – and knowing when to stop before you get carried away can help, when you chew slowly and savor every bite!

Happy Holidays and Enjoy!