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Exercise for Your Swimming Pool

Not your Grandma’s Workout!

A big part of summer fun is splashing around in a pool! So why not utilize the pool and make working out seem like playtime? Using only a beach ball, a workout in the pool can challenge you with water’s continuous resistance; while keeping your body free from the majority of injury’s that could normally occur working out.

WaveMaker targeting: back, abs, butt, and legs

Our first workout does not require the beach ball. Simply hold the edge of the pool deck with your non dominate hand and your other hand against the wall under the water, point fingers downwards stabilizing your body for a dolphin motion. Keeping your feet together, kick like a dolphin using your abs and hips moving pushing the energy down to your thighs and knees kicking hard and as fast as possible for 30 seconds. Rest a few second before repeating repeat up to 10 times.

Ball Lever targeting: shoulders, back, triceps, and abs

With your body floating along the top of the water, keep your legs behind you belly down while holding the beach ball in front of you. Lock your arms and pull the ball down under the water as fast as you can making an arch with your arms starting from above your head to your thighs. Once the ball has reached the end of one arch at your thighs, begin to bend your elbows and bring the ball back to the surface and start again. Takes breaths as the ball presses you up out of the water or keep your head elevated if this makes you uneasy. Keep your body straight and stiff as possible to get the best effect. Repeat this motion 20 times.

Otter Roll targeting: back, abs, butt, and legs

Floating again on the top of the water this time belly up, hug the beach ball to your chest with a good grip and keep your feet extended and together. Drive your right shoulder and hip down into the water and roll towards your left side over the ball till you return to the starting position. Remember to take a breath every time you are at the starting position and continue as many rolls as you can for 30 seconds, before changing the direction of your roll.

Need to feel more challenged? Upgrading to a bigger beach ball can make the workout more difficult.