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Extreme Skincare

flame facial29.jpgWhile there are plenty of crazy beauty trends around the world, we found one that was particularly intense. The “flame facial”, shown here has been found in China. The process includes a towel being placed on top of the skin that has been soaked in an elixir (the only ingredient we know is alcohol).  The prepared solution is injected onto the towel with a large syringe in a specific predetermined shape and then … outcomes the matches! The person placing the towels, lights up the towel then stands by with another towel waiting to stop the fire from spreading beyond their control. It is true that heat has a hand in helping skin, but this type of heat involves tons of risks because fire is not a controlled substance!  Safe procedures that use heat include controlled radio frequency and lasers that are very successful and much safer.  To find out more about our “heat oriented” options click here.