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Fact or Fiction the Pores Addition

There are many things people say about pores but what is the truth and what is the fiction?  Today we uncover the truth about our pores!

True or False?

Your pores open up and get larger when exposed to warmer temperatures.


Pores do not change size when exposed to hot or cold. If you are getting a facial and they put steam on your face, this does not open your pores but slightly loosens the sebum, and any other junk your pores may be holding.  Truth- if exposed to UV rays your pores will appear larger because the collagen supporting the pores will be weakened over time. So once again we find the sun is not our skin’s friend! Protect your pores with a good sunscreen like our Anti-Photo Aging Green Tea Fortified SPF 50.  It may have a long name but it also has a long history of working great for our patients!

True or False?

There are products you can buy to improve the size of your pores.


The size of your pores is based on your genetics. Over time pores can change in size due to many factors including smoking, sun exposure, and the breakdown of collagen in the skin which will all make your pores larger. Some products can reduce the appearance of your pores. Pores can also look bigger than they are because of buildup in the skin. You can avoid this with a good skin care regimen and a good exfoliant, like our Dual Action B. P. Scrub. You can feel good about keeping your pores looking their best!

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