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Fall Makeup Looks for 2015

Autumn is personally my favorite time of year! I enjoy the changing leaves, the cooler weather and the warm cozy sweaters. With a sneak peek into what the Fall of 2015 holds we looked to “The Dream of the ’90s” which is alive in fashion and what the New York Designers are now reviving. The transition to the ’90s-inspired fall for beauty feels almost instinctive, because even though the color palette is shifting a bit darker in anticipation of less sunny days, everything is staying just as easy and simple. Here are four of the things to know to master the ’90s beauty look.

dark-lipstick-makes-a-comeback-heres-how-to-wear-itWine Colored Lips: Think 90’s lipstick with a modern twist. Experiment with berry hues and dark plum colors this fall. Our favorite is Prévia’s Lipstick in Smudge, which is a brick red hue color that compliments every skin tone!






b8tgcureBronze Eye Shadow: Bronze shadow was used in place of the classic gold or silver as it warms the face and also compliments the 90’s lipstick look. If you want a more natural sun-kissed look, try a nude lip! Our fave is Prévia Eyeshadow in Uptown.







f836fae7981aef36adc436e5a2a2d34cFlushed Cheeks: Liven up a pale face with rosy cheeks! A subtle flushed look is what is in this fall season. Blending is important as well as a sheer color to match your own flushed color. We recommend Prévia Blush in Sultry, which is a dirty rose matte color which matches most skin tones.






Brush up your Brows. Full brows aren’t going anywhere, but now they’re messy, a little overgrown and brushed up to give an “undone, raw feel. To help create the look try our Prévia Brow Pencil in Taupe. This brow pencil with a built in grooming brush on lid, has a slightly harder texture, perfect for a feathering effect. Made in Germany.