Skin Saavy

Fall Swap

Since we are heading towards the fall, it is important to keep in mind the changes that affect our skin and in turn how we should respond. Consider changing your cleanser and moisturizer. When the temperatures begin to get cooler, your body makes fewer oils so you should look for a non-drying and light cleanser to help your skin keep the right balance of oils needed, like our Calm & Correct Cleanser or Fortified Cleansing Mousse. Cooler weather also means skin dryness will increase so you will need to adjust to keep your skin hydrated. If you are currently using a gel,  switch to a lotion, if you’re using a lotion think about using cream. If you’re already using a cream for your skin look for a more emollient cream like a night cream, say you use our Reparatif Oil-Free Lotion, in the fall during winter months consider our thicker sister moisturizer the Reparatif Bio-Cream.