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Flow it, Show it, Long as You Can Grow it…

Viviscal Professional is one of the supplements that we always have a hard time keeping in stock because our patients love it! Why? Because Viviscal is a drug-free product that helps you achieve thicker, fuller, longer hair.


This product is not sold in the general market place because it has to come from a doctor. Luckily, Viviscal is loved by Dr. Wright. If you are interested in trying out the supplement, you can click here.  We have it available in two sizes!

Viviscal has a lot of super ingredients, but among all the ingredients is a particularly interesting one, Shark Cartilage!  Shark cartilage contains glucosamine.  Studies have shown that it stimulates the hair follicle activity. This supplement does not work over night and you have to be committed to at least 3 months to start to see the results. Start today and enjoy luxurious long locks!