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Gardenia is for the Young and the Young at Heart

Gardenia Floral perfumes can invoke a sweet sense of summer nostalgia, and when it comes to such fragrances, the Gardenia is sure to remind you of summers past. Some sadly have regarded this aroma as an “Old Lady” fragrance, when in fact, the Gardenia should be labeled as a classic, and classics never go out of style! The Gardenia bouquet is constantly being used in modern combinations by hip, fashionable designers such as GUCCI, Marc Jacobs, Versace, and is even a component in Rihanna’s extremely popular KISS perfume line. For those who may have a negative opinion on Gardenia based on perfumes from a past experience, know that not all perfumes are created equal. With the right combination, Gardenia can be a bold scent made for this time of year and the feminine allure will have you feeling confident all summer long!