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Hanacure Seoul Korea Face Mask


The popular mask on the Web right now is the Hanacure Mask. Initially made in Korea, the mask was made popular in the states by Drew Barrymore who took a selfie with this terrifying mask on. The mask itself tightens and gives a “sneak peek” of what you will look like when you are over 100 years old!


This mask claims to be an “All-in-One” mask. On its web site, Hanacure states that the masks will reduce pores, hyperpigmentation (patches of skin that are darker than a person’s normal tone), and wrinkles in less than 4 weeks!  It looks and sounds remarkable, but is this for real?

When looking at the ingredients, it has copper peptides that can help combat wrinkles, but the moisturizing elements in the mask will also “plump up” the skin around the wrinkles. This decreases the appearance of the wrinkles and pigmentation, but doesn’t actually remove it.  At Skin MD and Beyond, Dr. Wright recommends Laser Resurfacing( which provides a beam of directed light into the skin) or MicroNeedling to permanently combat wrinkles and pigmentation.

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