Skin Saavy

How to Keep your Skin looking Great in your 20s!

As a young adult in your 20’s, you should start thinking about ways to keep your skin looking its best for the long run! Your complexion will never look better than it does in your 20’s, so keep the youthful look flowing now! Preventative care is the name of the game!

CLEANSE. Washing your face with a good cleanser is of immense importance.  We recommend our Mild Gel Cleanser. This mineral enriched citrus cleanser has the triple power of omega 3/6 fatty acids combined with Aloe to provide enhanced moisturization.  Cleansing should be done both in the morning and at night, just like brushing your teeth.  This is the first step to great skincare!

PROTECT YOUR EYES. Before you reach your 30’s, be ready with a hydrating eye cream! The skin around your eyes is much more sensitive, which means you need to spend more focus and care for this delicate area. This is one of the first areas where we see wrinkles. The best hydrating eye serum to start with would be our Eye Quench because it creates a protective moisture barrier to lock in hydration and keep your skin from becoming “crepy”.

SUNSCREEN. You are not a kid anymore, and you know the sun is a killer! Protect yourself daily with sunscreen before putting on makeup. The sun can have long lasting effects on your skin and in most cases it will take a long time to show up. Protect your skin by getting a sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30, which works for both UVA and UVB. Our organic SunShield SPF30 is a perfect example!