Skin Saavy

Is your Skin Thirsty? Try our Rehydration Complex with Vitamin C

With the Texas heat in full force, I thought a flashback to our #1 Seller in skincare would be helpful for everyone who may be suffering with summer sun-damage to their face – but may be oily or just looking for a light hydrator that goes well with a simple summer skincare routine.   Sun exposure and skin damage can really suck the moisture out of your skin and those who live there can attest to that! Even people with oily skin can have dehydrated skin. Unfortunately, no matter how much water we drink it never reaches the outer layers of our skin. So quenching your skin with a topical hydrator is the next best solution!

My Rehydration Complex with Vitamin C is specially formulated to act like water on your skin. It is the “Go-To” product that all my patients want! Lightweight and fast absorbing this hydrator combines a powerful blend of Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and aloe vera. I love how quickly it penetrates and hydrates my skin before applying my makeup. I recommend this to my patients who live in hot and humid climates, have oily acne-prone skin or for complexions that show afternoon shine.


Edited 8/7/15