Skin Saavy

Keep Calm!

Dr. Fiona Wright has a line of Specialty Products that pay attention to particular skin issues. Today we will talk about the best thing to use for aggravated or inflamed skin, Aloe Cortisone Cream. Aloe Cortisone Cream is especially popular after laser and micro needling treatments; it immediately calms irritation, redness, and dryness helping improve the feel and appearance of your skin. Cortisone can be used as a topical steroid to reduce inflammation in the skin from allergies, rashes, rosacea, and itching. Aloe is a soothing substance able to treat wounds, minor cuts, and even burns! These two key ingredients help create one of the best healing products available for topical use. Please keep in mind this product is not for open wounds, and should not be used for more than two weeks. you can find Aloe Cortisone Cream online at