Dr's Corner

Keep the Children Growing Strong!

Folic Acid is instrumental to young children because their bodies are focusing on creating new red blood cells and creating new DNA. On average, while most people get enough Folic Acid in a typical balanced diet, having a Folic Acid deficiency will show similar signs to anemia and also, symptoms include diarrhea, weight loss, and headaches. A pregnant woman with deficiencies in her own body can lead to severe problems with her baby including brain defects, spinal defects, a baby born with a low birth weight, or she could have a premature birth. The best place to find Folic Acid is in dark greens and veggies. Folic Acid in food can be lost when cooked, so the way to avoid this problem is by steaming or using a microwave. Folic Acid is also known as part of the B complex covered in our blog Vitamin B Click Here to read more about all the B’s.