Dr's Corner

Keep your Body Unyielding!

Iron is responsible for carrying oxygen in the red blood cells throughout your body. The oxygen combines with other things the body needs to make energy and helps the cells do all their different jobs. A large number of Americans have low iron which is commonly referred to as Anemia. The most common signs of Anemia are feeling faint and looking pale, restless leg syndrome, dizziness, headache, and brittle nails.

What can cause your Iron levels to be thrown into chaos? Excessively working out can become a problem because you get to the point where you are literally sweating the Iron out of your body. Anti-Ulcer medications and Cholesterol medications are also known to lower your body’s ability to absorb Iron. There are two types of iron; the first is Heme Iron. We get this from meat and seafood, Heme Iron is easily absorbed into the body. The second type of Iron is Non-Heme Iron it is found in plants as veggies; this kind of iron is difficult for the body to absorb.  If you are vegan, you eat only Non-Heme Iron and will have a harder time getting the amount of Iron your body needs. One of the best ways to naturally help your body improve Iron absorption and balance is by including Vitamin C into your diet! Want to know more about Vitamin C? Click Here to read our Vitamin C Blog!