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Late for Spring Cleaning??

Spring is in full swing now and Summer is fast approaching! With the warmer weather comes the need for a good Spring cleaning! Your body is no exception to this, and adding a little extra exfoliation will leave you with glowing skin. Here are some of the best exfoliating tricks just for you!

Woman Relaxing In Sauna. Massaging Legs.

Arm & Leg Exfoliation

Do you ever have the feeling of goosebumps along the backs of your arms and legs that don’t go away? This is a common problem and the best way to address this would be using both physical exfoliation and chemical exfoliation. Using a luffa or body puff sponge, and applying  professional-level AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) skin care products, like our 3 in 1 Cleanser, will help remove dead skin and improve your texture. The combination of the physical scrub and chemical components in our cleanser does wonders for removing the buildup of dead skin along the back of your arms and legs. After stepping out of the shower and toweling off, you should apply a moisturizer which also helps with exfoliation. Our Oil-Free Refining Lotion uses 15% glycolic acid mixed with C0-Q10 to improve the texture of your skin.

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Don’t forget the Back

Your back has tougher and thicker skin than your face. Using a good back scrubber (either a long handle brush or a long thin cloth to stretch across your back) can make all the difference! Without these types of tools, this area can be the hardest part of the body to exfoliate. Our Mild Gel Cleanser and Exfoliating Cleanser are a perfect pairing for most skin types, to give you just the right amount of gentle cleansing ingredients and exfoliating granules to bring out your most youthful skin. Feel confident about the radiance of your skin, and enjoy the transition to summer with backless dresses and bathing suits!

Young Woman Applying Natural Scrub On Her Face Against White Bac

Facial Spring-Cleaning Exfoliation

If you are in need of a good facial exfoliant, your best choice is a physical exfoliation product. One of our top selling exfoliators, is our Anti-Oxidant Exfoliating Cleanser, which is great to help fight the aging process with the organic power-house of Pomegranate and Acai Berry. To get a really deep pore cleaning, use a Clarisonic Brush with our cleanser. To learn more about the Clarisonic brush, keep on the lookout for an upcoming blog with more in-depth information about it.