Dr's Corner

Let’s Go Nuts Together!

Want to Improve your Skin just by having a Healthy Snack? Nuts are one of the best snacks ever! They are so much better for us than those tempting potato chips and sugary things! If I had the ability I would turn everyone’s taste buds to salt lovers, and grab a handful of nuts, knowing  that it makes it that much easier for us to deal with the dilemma of snacking!  But remember that although nuts are healthy for our heart and skin, overeating them can be a problem for your body as well, because too much of this good thing can be bad!I would not suggest having more than 2 ounces a day.

There are over 50 types of nuts out there to choose from. Many nuts have different heath benefits but all nuts are high in fiber and fatty acid which acts as a natural anti-inflammatory helping fight against acne and eczema two of the most common skin problems today. All nuts also Contain Vitamin E which heals damage done to your skin from things like over exposure, while creating a shield against further problems.

I also want to apologize to any of you out there that are allergic to nuts and if you have made it this far into the blog I want to offer you another great source of Vitamin E to get protection and restoration for you skin. Fiona WRxIGHT MD skincare’s REPARATIF OIL-FREE LOTION and BIO-CREAM will give your skin amazing nourishment.  The revolutionary anti-aging performer blends Stem Cells and peptides to stimulate collagen production, with Co-Q 10 and Vitamin E to create Three Treatments in One, to hydrate, firm and protect your skin.  Applied once or twice daily can make your skin more youthful and fortified against what the world will throw at you.