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Manly Men want Cosmetic Treatments too!

In today’s modern times, more men are considering non-surgical procedures, and we ladies should be prepared to help them know about all the available options!

The importance of grooming for men has shifted in the last decade. Men now, are often looking for ways to make it easier to maintain clean lines on their beards and find themselves wanting to reduce the hair on their backs. LASER HAIR REMOVAL has become a fast and cost-effective way to make their grooming easier and quicker! Laser hair removal has very minimum pain, if any, and depending on the area, only 30 minutes per treatment. To learn more about Laser Hair Removal click here, or call today to schedule a consultation!

The TOP PROCEDURE that men find the MOST REWARDING is


There are multiple reasons why men would find Botox to be a great benefit, and as more male TV personalities and celebrities openly discuss their treatments, more men are coming becoming receptive to such treatments. The most apparent reason is to cosmetically reduce signs of aging and in some cases, rejuvenate a tired face. Botox is great for removing the angry lines between the eyebrows where vertical lines press down on the brows. Men are also asking to relax the crow’s feet around the eyes and create a smile on their lips by lifting the vertical lines that are around the mouth that tug the mouth into a frown. Avoiding wrinkles also mean avoiding aging, and with a competitive job market, studies show youthful looking men and women generate more revenue!


One of the less known reasons why men get Botox, is health-related. Some men (and women) are insecure about excessive sweating which stains their clothing or makes their palms constantly clammy. This can be fixed with Botox!  Look for our upcoming blog that discusses this in further detail.