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Orange is the New Pink! Tips on finding the perfect Orange Lipstick

Orange lipstick is becoming quite popular among celebrity make up artists, and for good reason!  Because orange shades don’t have blue or red undertones, shades of orange can brighten up any skin tone. This color can really be considered universal and we love that!

Here is some tips on what kind of orange to look for that works well with your skin tone:

Rosy to Light Complexions- Coral Orange or light orange works best with this skin tone. If you are battling redness, stay away from orange/red which can make rosacea stand out more.

Light to Olive Complexion- This skin type can really play with the different shades of orange. To bring out the olive skin tones, try an orange/red tone. Want to make a fashion statement? Try an orange with a yellow tint to it.

Dark Complexions- The brighter the better is true with this skin tone! Try a yellow based orange or even a neon orange to make a bold statement.

One of our favorite Prévia Lipsticks this season is Mutzie. This shade is a bright melon orange color that complements any skin tone!