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How to Layer Skin Care!?

You may have just three skincare products, or you may have eight as part of your daily routine! Is there an order to all the madness of skincare products? Absolutely! Here is how you layer your skin care products to be the most effective! Step1: Cleanse  Your cleanser will always come first, as this cleans… Read More How to Layer Skin Care!?

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Black Magic

Charcoal is back! Last time the internet was using charcoal as the main ingredient it was in a Facemask. But today we are talking about Charcoal’s new trend, with toothpaste! The claim for Charcoal toothpaste is that it can absorb plaque. This is not regular charcoal, but is Activated Charcoal, found to absorb poisons. This… Read More Black Magic

Dr's Corner

A-Peeling Weather

If you are interested in Face Peels, it is best to have one during the colder months, as the one thing you must avoid at all cost when doing a peel is the sun. We are more often indoors during the colder months and this makes the ability to follow the strict “no sun” policy… Read More A-Peeling Weather