Red or White?

For many years we have all learned that red wine is the healthiest for us, but is it? Recently white wine has shown new health benefits that could give red a run for the top shelf, and our affections!

Who steals our hearts? Red Wine is known for the high amounts of resveratrol that aids blood vessels and keeps the heart happy and is the leading reason it is considered to be helpful fighting against cancer. The mechanism is the antioxidants in resveratrol.  Antioxidants sop up damaging free radicals that play a role in aging and age-related diseases. Keeping your wits sharp has also been found to be a benefit of drinking the rich reds. Despite the color of the dark reds it is also great at protecting our teeth from stains and decay!

Who takes our breath away? White wine lovers have been found to have some of the healthiest lungs, because of particular antioxidants that block the effects of free radicals in the lung tissues. Surprisingly White Wine can be just as good for your heart as red! But this ability is limited to bottles from European areas, particularly in Italy, France and Germany because they have been found to be exceptionally rich in tyrosol and hydroxytyrosol. The anti-inflammation properties we get from drinking white can help ease pain like arthritis. The down side to a white, it will not help our smiles because of its particular acidity it eats away at the enamel and sensitizes our teeth against hot, cold and sweet foods.

So which will you choose?