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Reliving a Powdered Past

On the left we have William the 5th Duke of Devonshire in the 17th Century, part of one of the richest families in England.

On the right side, is a picture of Nicole, a College Graduate and a modern woman in 2018. What could this two people have in common?! The answer is they both used powder in their hair!

Many of us will roll out of bed today and use the lazy way of refreshing our hair from the day before, with Dry Shampoo. The truth is, this is not a form of shampoo at all, it is a form of powder the dries the oils at the roots and it can inflict a lot of problems for your hair.


Dry shampoos are fast acting powders that can mess with your hair’s natural growth system, causing thinning and possibly even balding of the hair, as it did for Nicole, who shared her experience on Facebook. The rise in popularity of dry shampoos has skyrocketed since 2014. But honestly, this fashion trick should be left back in the 17th century.