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Some Things You Just Don’t Mix!

If you use more than one brand of skincare, as many people do, it is important to look at the ingredients- because product mixing could wreak havoc on your skin!

Today, we will talk about Retinol and what to watch out for. Retinol is a great product but it is one ingredient that does not always play well with others, because it has a tendency to be a little drying. It is best not to pair it with other products that might intensify the dryness, which can lead to irritation. Here are some combinations that just don’t mix well!

Retinol and Chemical Exfoliants. Though this does not apply to all chemical exfoliants, some can cause irritation and inflammation if combined with a retinol. A chemical exfoliant will use a form of acid to remove the top layers of your skin which can be drying. If you use this combination, you should let your doctor know, and the products should be used at least 15 minutes apart.

Retinol & Glycolic Acid. If you use products that have Glycolic Acid, which is found in many acne products you might not want to use them with Retinol. If you need to use both products, then apply the glycolic in the morning and the Retinol at night to help your skin get the effects of both products!

woman take magnifying with dry skin on the blue background

Retinol & Benzoyl Peroxide.  Benzoyl Peroxide is a common product used for acne.It is great at reducing inflammation and blemishes, and it is usually paired with hydrating ingredients because it can sometimes be a little drying. Because, Retinol can also be drying, it is best to not use these products together unless directed by your doctor. Benzoyl Peroxide also negates the benefits of retinol so they deactivate each other, unless it has been stabilized in a prescriptive cream, such as Epiduo.