Skin Saavy

Stay In and Beautify with an At-Home Spa Treatment

I make it a point to have some “me” time at least once a month where I draw a bubble bath, sip on wine and relax with a rejuvenating facial mask while reading the latest dermatological article. You may ask “who has time for that?” but you should at least take some time during the month to pamper your skin. Check out my at-home spa routine that I try to do at least every two weeks or a month if I am extremely busy.

First, I make sure to remove make-up and dirt from the day with one of my favorite cleansers. My Fortified Cleansing Mousse not only smells lovely and fresh, but it removes every trace of my daily make-up without stripping moisture and leaving my skin hydrated.

Next, I use my Microdermabrasion Polish which exfoliates dead skin cells and refreshes my complexion. Apply the polish on wet skin and use a circular motion for 30 seconds on each part of your face and neck to avoid over-exfoliation. My skin feels baby smooth and also helps the next products absorb my skin better.

Once I rinse off the polish and gently pat dry, I apply my B5 Boosting Mask which I leave on for 15 minutes. This is also the part where I leave the mask on while taking a the bubble bath and sipping on wine. This luxurious creamy mask containing the super moisturizing properties of Hyaluronic Acid that, when applied to skin, eases wrinkles, fine lines and smoothes the surface with a slight “plumping” action.

Once I am ready to leave the comfort of my tub, I rinse off the mask and spritz on my Multi-Vitamin Vino Toner. This toner smells yummy and is rich in antioxidants, made from the best nature has to offer. This toner is infused with grape skin and pomegranate to revitalize skin and enhance its appearance.

Finally, to seal in all the goodness of this at-home facial, I apply Pure Hydrating Serum liberally on my face and neck. With a concentration greater than 60% hyaluronic acid, with the most effective humectant available for deep hydration, you will reduce the aging effects of dehydration and glycation of damaged cells. This serum plumps up the skin and provides a smoother, softer texture. You can add your favorite moisturizer on top for extra hydration.

You may say that you are too busy to do this at home treatment but trust me, your face will thank you for it – you can take 30 minutes once a month to do it! Don’t forget your neck area!