Dr's Corner

Stop Aging by Using Zinc!

We all know aging is just a fact a life, but there are some things you can do to slow the process down. Birthdays age us, obviously, but did you know so does the sun? The UVA/UVB rays cause our collagen to break down faster than it normally would. And don’t think those clouds are protecting you! UVA rays can actually be worse when there is cloud coverage, and although they won’t burn you they age you quicker and cause wrinkles. Think UVB, B for burning and UVA, A for aging. Research shows that UVA rays also increase your skin cancer risk!

This is why daily SPF application is a must! I won’t even go check my mail without it on! Zinc has been a long time standard in sun protection but gone are the days of the white lifeguard nose!  Luckily better manufacturing techniques are available, like micronized zinc particles which, have resolved that problem!

Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide sit on top of the skin, forming a barrier against the sun’s rays. Any sunscreen that contains the physical blocker zinc oxide or titanium dioxide will have you covered. They offer broad-spectrum protection, shielding you from both UVA & UVB rays, and should be reapplied every 2 hours for maximum effectiveness. Try our Sun Shield SPF 30 it has Zinc along with other natural ingredients that help protect you, from both aging and burning.