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Store Bought Hair Color… Don’t Do It!

There is a reason why hair stylists advise against buying store brand hair color. Professionals have been trained to see the texture and condition of your hair to determine what kind of color you need as well how long it needs to process. Sure, buying boxed store brand color is cheaper, especially when you are trying to cover grays like me, but what if there was an alternative that was better and had salon quality ingredients?
I have been coloring my hair to cover grays since the age of 25. You can imagine how much I have spent in salon visits and hair products to maintain the color. I decided that I wanted to try coloring my own grays at home to save money. After all, saving money allows me shop more :)! I wanted the same salon quality ingredients used on my hair for years so I found


This company prides itself in using quality ingredients as well as having a neat interactive guide which asks questions about your hair and what you’re trying to achieve. I just wanted a color to match my natural hair color and cover grays at the same time so it was rather easy. You can also send in a photo of yourself so that their colorist can match your color better!
I loved how my hair turned out after using the color I ordered last week. My hair feels softer and looks more shiny and vibrant. I’m sold! As an Allure Magazine Best of Beauty Award Winner of 2014, I can see why people are flocking to their site to order their customized color!