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Cut these Three Things Out of Your Diet and Keep Yourself Healthy and Looking Young

In our ongoing Super Food series we have been talking about what foods are great for your skin and body. Today we are going to turn the tables and talk about what you should not eat. The three things on this list make our body feel bad and our skin sad, so let’s kick them […]

Dr. Wright’s Birth Day &”Go-To” product

With another birthday approaching many ask me what I do for my skin to keep it youthful and vibrant. As most know, I maintain my Botox and Facial Filler to keep my contours lifted and youthful – but I am also a firm believer in having regular facials to cleanse, detoxify, nourish and hydrate.  A […]

All Eyes will be On YOU when you use our NEW INTENSIVE EYE REPAIR!

The eyes tell your story and you have probably acquired a library of eye creams and serums to combat the telltale signs of under eye aging! Several years ago Dr. Wright was told the story that at a meeting with several hundred skin care professionals for a focus group on new product development, they asked […]