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It’s Skin Cancer Prevention Month! Protect Your Skin from the Sun and Fight Aging with Fiona Wright MD Sun Care!

May is Skin Cancer/Melanoma Prevention Month and with summer around the corner, it is the time for us to bare all and show our beautiful skin! While some of you have been also taking care of your skin during the winter, it’s even more important during the hot summer sunny days! One of our favorite […]

Restore and Renew the Skin you Have!

You can’t trade in the aging skin on your body for new, but you can restore the skin you have with Green Tea Antioxidant Moisturizing Lotion. This silky, fast-absorbing daily lotion delivers long-lasting comfort instantly to dry skin while restoring and maintaining healthy skin and preventing moisture loss. This lotion is specifically formulated to deliver […]

Slow your Collagen Loss and send the Skin Signal for more!

Peptides are protein molecules that signal skin to make more collagen, and is the star ingredient in Dr. Wright’s REPLENISH & REBUILDING MOISTURIZER. Collagen is what makes young skin firm and taut. As we age, collagen is destroyed and aging skin becomes thinner and more wrinkled over time.  But don’t fret yet – A solution […]