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B is for Blueberries and Antiaging!

This potent little berry can pack a punch in your diet and in your skin care too! I love adding blueberries to my yogurt or oatmeal in the morning, eating them for a snack before lunch or topping them on my salad. Blueberries are packed with rich antioxidants which help fight aging in skin as […]

Réparatif Lotion – a New Fiona Wright MD Anti-Aging Product that Acne Sufferers Will LOVE!

Ready to Look YEARS Younger?   Réparatif Oil-Free Lotion is a Supercharged Formulation  containing the Top 5 Anti-Aging  Ingredients in one miracle skin care product! After only 6 weeks you will have discovered the latest Age Reversing Magic in a Jar!  This lightweight lotion will instantly melt into your skin – without any afterfeel.  This […]

If You have Dry Aging Skin – We have your Cure!

Does winter-dry skin make you want to hibernate this time of year? If so – you are not alone! The culprits may be winter wind, dry indoor air, or harsh soaps – but it can also be internal skin dehydration. At this time of year, the oral supplement Hyaluronic Acid (HA, Sodium Hyaluronate) which is […]