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Combat Acne at Home with our Refreshing and Therapeutic Sulphur Mask

Ancient Romans were known to have bathed themselves in hot sulfur springs to rid their bodies of various ailments and skin disorders; acne included. Sulfur is one of the earliest acne treatments known to man but modern acne treatments don’t have to smell like rotten eggs! When applied topically, sulfur reduces oil production by drying […]

Expensive Acne Products Work Better? Not True!

Keeping your skin clear doesn’t have to hurt your wallet! Our staff’s favorite and one of our best-selling products is our DUAL BP SCRUB.  With medical-grade ingredients, Dr. Wright has formulated a powerful scrub that incorporates purifying granules to reach deep into the pores, draw out impurities, and significantly reduce acne breakouts. A little goes […]

Improve Texture and Fight Acne – In One Step You can do Both!

New healthy skin cells are created in the skin’s deepest layer, the dermis. Over time, the cells migrate to the top of your skin surface and get damaged along the way by daily skin stresses. The result is known as the “Aging Process”, and after menopause for women, the natural process of skin erosion becomes […]