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The Right RED for You

Red lips are timeless and classic and it is because it is mimicking a youthful appearance. As we get older our lips become less red and more pink, and the skin around the mouth and eyes also slightly changes pigment, partly because of blood flow changes in aging skin. A simple red lipstick can awaken […]

Orange is the New Pink! Tips on finding the perfect Orange Lipstick

Orange lipstick is becoming quite popular among celebrity make up artists, and for good reason!  Because orange shades don’t have blue or red undertones, shades of orange can brighten up any skin tone. This color can really be considered universal and we love that! Here is some tips on what kind of orange to look for […]

Halloween Edition: Vampire Makeup with Prévia Cosmetics

As many of my patients who have come to the clinic during the October Season, know I love Halloween! For 5 years I have hosted a VIP Halloween Celebration and Savings Party for our patients and I go all out with my decorations!!    One question that everyone asks is “What are Tim and I dressing […]