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E is for Eggs and Strong Muscles

The picture I get when I think of eating eggs is that scene in Disney’s Beauty and Beast where Gaston gulps down a dozen eggs for his strong muscles. There is some truth to that! Adding eggs to your diet is the best source for protein and maintaining healthy muscles. I love that eggs are […]

A New and Slimmer You for 2014!

Every year, millions of people in the nation vow to lead a healthier lifestyle through diet and exercise in the upcoming New Year. You have probably tried many approaches to get back that body you had in high school…. Some successful and some not.  While fad diets may come and go, one thing is for […]

Slim Down with Skin MD and Beyond and the HCG Diet!

Don’t Keep Putting It On and Putting It Off Now is the Wright time to Lose the Weight ! You have seen it out there- the HCG Diet. Don’t be fooled because not all HCG diets are the “real” deal! Dr. Wright is offering a physician supervised program. You will meet one-on-one with Tabitha, our […]